CTF ("Capture The Flag") is a computer security competition where the objective is to discover "flags" concealed within intentionally vulnerable programs or websites.

Playing CTF games is a cool way to learn about computer security. It's like solving puzzles that test your hacking and problem-solving skills. CTFs are not just about competition; they're also a chance to make friends in the cybersecurity community. Whether you're new to this or already an expert, CTFs offer a fun and friendly space to learn and grow together.

No. Everyone is welcome!

Yes. We're going to give introductory lessons to teach newcomers the fundementals of CTF.

Yes. There's going to be a separate track for advanced participants, with the goal of competing in competitions as a team.

Presentations will be written in English and presented in Hebrew. Even if you're not fluent in both languages, we will be spending most of the time solving CTFs anyways, so don't worry.